On Writing

Sometimes, one can merely sit in front of the computer, and nothing pop up to one’s mind. That’s the the scene right now. Not knowing what to write, I am now sitting in the library. Staring, meditating, and deliberating. But nothing comes to my mind. Even a piece of words…, no; no any stream of consciousness, I am just typing nonsense. Sometimes the aloofness in my mind hinder me, I want to write deeper but there is nothing to write. Sometimes I would query myself do I really profound enough? Enough to write? This weblog  is de facto for the purpose of English Composition Class, but I sometimes put that fact into oblivion, and start to write as if I am talking to my chum…

Have you ever watched a movie called Good Will Hunting? Matt Damon is so great in this movie that any other movies he starring afterwards savor of degeneration. Sorry for digression, I just want to tell that we may know a lot of things and develop a great mnemonic system; but even we are erudite, the most important thing seemingly has nothing to do with that. I mean, if we never been to India, how can we tangibly feel the life of it, smell the air of it, and immerse ourselves in the sunlight of India? Even we learn everything from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, form textbooks, and from every resources to the most infinitesimal and detailed parts, we cannot proclaim we know that. That’s so real, yet so mirage.

Maybe my lack of experiences make me write so prosaic.


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