Have you ever had an adventure as that of Thomas Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn? Before the end of our high school life, my friends and I have a trip to Taidong. That’s not a mediocre trip; it’s a trip like that of Che Guevara or Jack Kerouac. We explored the place in a revolutionary and innovative way. We travel around there aimlessly, yet we observed Taidong deeply and thoroughly. We’d seen the spectacular natural beauty and the characteristics of its inhabitants. I remember we stayed in a B&B and probed into the new world around the B&B boldly. In the starry night, we ran ran ran ran along the river, ran til we were extremely tired. We lay on the grassland and watched the twinkle stars and the shooting stars. Staring at the endless dark sky, we said nothing, but we all knew what we were pondering. Our future, our life, and the moment. Silent, the stars began blurring, and I hoped, really hoped, that time could stop still at here.

After that trip, I was wondering whether I should study in college or not, because I thought there were many ways to learn, and college may be a waste of time and money. Though I was finally persuaded by my parents, but I really consider I am enjoying something luxury, and that makes me feel guilty. I never put the trip into oblivion. At the thought of it, I know how lucky am I that I have the privilege to immerse myself in books. To conclude, the trip really gave me another perspective toward life.


1 thought on “Advanture

  1. aaron

    it seems that this trip has a profound meaning in it
    hope you find the real answer to your question


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