I Am Not Available

Sometimes we need a time and space for ourselves alone (Much like Virginia Woolf’s “One’s own room”). Only when I am alone, I could talk with myself, I could communicate with my distinguished soul, and I could deliberate my ego and my existence. Hence, I often cut off all the communications with the world (because I don’t have a mobile phone, it’s much easier to accomplish that). Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I lie on the grassland stare blankly at the sky, and sometimes I mast*#^@te to enjoy the orgasm and raptures of ecstasy secretly (sorry). You don’t have to force a smile when you face yourself if you want to cry, because I consider I am always too positive and really overly positive that I am on the brink of collapse (I say it’s a runaway positive). I want to Howl. So next time if you cannot find me, please give up because I am not available then.


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