On The Road

I first met met Aaron not long after I was enrolled in a college. I still remember in an oral training class, a Korean girl asked me that whether Aaron and I were already friends, I was not sure and quite shy to answer that question. Sure, I thought we are friends, but friendship is something mutual. However, Aaron was so kind and gentle that we interacted so delightedly. He told me a lot of anecdotes in India based on his experiences, and I was so curious that I kept asking question on that. And those talks broke the ice. Afterward, we participated in a volleyball game, and that fortified our sense of solidarity a lot. Now, on the road with such an open-minded and promising young lad, I am sure it will be something beyond expectation.


My Somewhat Miserable College Life

After a series of failures, I finally attended in National Chung Hsing University. “It’s just not my type,” I told my parents. Notwithstanding, I can do nothing but face the music. “Let it be,” they told me. I don’t know. My life is now so crepuscular now, I deem. It’s what had happened de facto, and I should accept it.
I know it’s offensive to write like that, but I am knarckered. Just leave me alone, and I need to release all my discontent and disgruntle by reflecting my mind, my true mind. Still, I hope I can have a good time with all of you.
(That’s what I felt at first. But now, after seeing my amiable classmates and their wonderful smile, I just melted and thought I belong.)
A little bit digression, by the way, because I don’t actually have internet accessibility, I should type fast and concisely. Hope we can ave a good four years.